Saturday, June 3, 2017

You should read Heavy Metal's Mag!c Primer

I just finished reading ‘Beyond the Word and the Fool: Heavy Metal’s Mag!c Primer’ by Grant Morrison in issue 286 of Heavy Metal magazine.  I enjoyed the read, and I think that once again, Morrison has provided a good foundation and launching point for people interested in practicing pragmatic sorcery.  Many years ago, I read his ‘Pop Magic’, and I have recommended it to others as a good resource.  I know that Morrison has been a polarizing figure in the magical community, but I find his point of view to be closely aligned with my own:  There are no rules, so do what works.  There are no gods, so use whichever archetypes appeal to you, or even better, create them as or if you need them.  Magic is the name for for interfacing with the Universe, by which ever model you choose to employ, in order to manifest the results that you Will to be.

TLDR: I suggest that you buy issue 286 of Heavy Metal, turn to page 65, ingest content.