Monday, August 8, 2011

Musings on the Divine

Within the context of a technologically advanced culture, I propose that the ongoing concept of the godhead is a by-product of human narcissism.  By and large, we don't want to face the possibility that anything as advanced as we perceive ourselves to be could have emerged by chance in a universe that was created by a random, physical event.  Now that we have objectively measured and defined the order of things (to the extent of our capabilities and understanding), thus obviating the Raison d'etre for the gods of our ancestors, we still stubbornly cling to the idea that we were created by a divine act.  I myself, am susceptible to this effect.  I have encountered and embraced a model of the divine that I find pleasing to my sensibilities, and I experience life through the filter of this model.  Do I truly believe it to be factual?  Not really.  I will be most pleased if, upon my demise, it is proven true, but I acknowledge that it may be nothing more than a tenacious meme.  I only begrudge people their religious practices when they are imposed on others without their consent.