Sunday, July 27, 2014

Home from the LHPC

I just returned home from an amazing weekend at the 2nd International Left Hand Path Conference. My presentation on Quantum Sorcery was very well received, and I enjoyed a number of deep conversations with interesting people. I was pleased and humbled to hear how effective my system has been. My thanks to Pneumatikos, Typhon Draconis, and Michael Ford for helping dispel some of my misconceptions regarding the LHP. Thanks also to Lucien Pharoe for his insights.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Day one of LHPC

I'm currently relaxing in my hotel room after a long and enjoyable first day at the Second International Left Hand Path Conference.  There were great speakers today, and great conversation.  My talk is at 10:00 tomorrow morning.  I have several cans of Full Throttle energy drink to back up the hotel coffee.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

One from the SpikeVision Vaults: The Peril of Directed Will

SpikeVision was a website that I ran for a number of years.  I put up a great deal of material there that is no longer available.  Here is one of those pieces.

Consensus Reality

If one-thousand people look at a point in space, and 999 of them do not see what the one does, what does that mean? Additionally, let us assume that whatever the one sees is something that the 999 do not believe exists. I believe that if this happens; then it means that the one has keener perception than the 999 others, and that they may well be mistaken in their assumptions as to what does or does not exist. In contemporary society, I am willing to wager that this would not be the conclusion. The 999 would state that the one is hallucinating and possibly insane, and that the one would be stigmatized and possibly institutionalized. Certainly the one would be subjected to scrutiny and analysis by the others.

Potens pro jure - Might makes right

In the above example, the force of social pressure and collective will of the majority is creating a consensus reality, and imposing it on the minority. This is the way of the world. Remember the dispute over when exactly the new millenium started? Many mass media sources reported that it began in 2000. This is incorrect. The third millenium began in AD 2001, and will continue through AD 3000 (1). However, many Americans "learned" that it was 2000, and propagated this misinformation so widely that it seemed to become fact. The many, in effect, dictate what reality is. Even more dangerous is that a small group can effectively direct the will of the many to create the reality that the group sees fit. Titles of government can add a patina of legitimacy to this effect. The monopolistic media distribution channels of the "Big Six" provide ample opportunities to carry out such an endeavor.

The Peril of Directed Will

When an entity exerts its Will against the ambient consensus reality which surrounds it, there is bound to be only limited success at best. It is simply a matter of inertia. The collective minds of those other entities in the system, even without directed Will, comprise a formidable barrier which must be overcome.

The secret to overcoming this limitation is to narrow the bandwidth. The barrier of ambient Will can be penetrated by a single point of intense focus, much as a stone wall may be penetrated by a drill bit. The less ripples caused by the passing of the directed Will, the more likely the Working of the Will is to succeed. Energy is wasted by creating waves of interference. Only by crossing the antithetical energies on a different axis, or by falling into phase with them can the directed Will maintain the force to penetrate banality, and make change on behalf of its sender.


(1) U.S. Naval Observatory 
Astronomical Applications Department
The 21st Century and the 3rd Millennium

Frater Nicht on Indigo Children Radio

Great interviews are abundant lately.  Here is  Frater Nicht on Indigo Children Radio. He will also be appearing at the 2nd International Left Hand Path Conference.