Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Indifferent Agnostic Emanation

It has been a mistaken assumption by some that I am an atheist.  This is not the case, so I intend to clarify my position.

I am not an atheist.  If one desires to attach a label to my belief structure, I would offer that I am an Indifferent agnostic.

To better frame this explanation, let me establish a definition.  I regard an atheist as a person who actively and with forethought disbelieves in the existence of any quantity or configuration of supreme being(s) that are most often credited with the creation of physical reality, the universe, humankind, etc.  Whereas I acknowledge that there is no evidence whatsoever that one or more such entities exist, I do not, and cannot know either way within the confines of the senses and intellect that I possess.  The universe is a very strange place, and although the existence of it does not require a prime mover, I’m not egotistical enough to think that the limits of possibility are confined to that which I or anyone else can empirically prove.

Whether or not a supreme being exists has no bearing on how I conduct myself in this world. I do not fear a reckoning of my actions in this life, nor do I anticipate a reward for toeing the line and adhering to any arbitrary set of restrictions. I also utterly repudiate the premise that ethics or morals or decency are somehow bestowed from the godhead.  The arrogance of the faithful to make that assertion is staggering, especially considering the blood-drenched lineage of so many religions that is ignored by many modern adherents.  
 If something is out there beyond mind and space, and it did cause the universe to come into being, then I propose that it is a primal force utterly beyond our physicality.  It doesn’t look like George Burns, Morgan Freeman, or Alanis Morissette. It doesn't care what books I read or who I have sex with or how I spent my Sunday. That feeling is mutual.